Abrasive Blast Cabinets

American Manufactured Since 1971

Method . Bolted to skid, picture framed in wood wrapped in heavy plastic. Note:
Method 2. Bolted to skid, crated top ,bottom and 4 sides
Blast Cabinet                               Dust Collector           Reclaimer , Reclaimer Pressure Pot
Crating & Packaging Methods
Framed and Wrapped In Plastic
Framed and Wrappen In Heavy Plastic
Picture Framing and Wrapped in Plastic
AMS Crates using 2 methods. Proper loading procedures are followed by the factory but once loaded AMS has no control over how the freight forwarder handles the Blasting Cabinet.Freight companies damage freight. Many Blast Cabinet Manufacturers ship bolted to a skid and wrapped. The only way a freight forwarder will pick up this freight is with very high freight charges. AMS Blast Cabinets are shipped protected this way the freight charge is much lower in fact often times less than the crate charge and freight charge combined. AMS has no control over how Freight companies handle the freight once it leaves the factory. Picture framing is a far superior method to insure the blasting cabinet arrives safely undamaged.

1.Picture framing wrapped in heavy plastic .

2. Totally carted. Highly recommended for long distance hauling and mandatory for export shipments. Customers can select this method for any model blasting cabinet, reclaimer or dust collector.

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