PB4024-100 DC

Blast Cabinets built for Production, Versatility , Ease of Operation and Low Maintenance.

AMS Blast Cabinets are American Manufactures Since 1971. PB4024 Suction Blast Cabinet. Foot peddle media valve feed for steady stream media blasting. 100 CFM Cartridge style Dust Collector. The PB " POWER BLAST " Series are full featured high quality blasting cabinet with excellent bead delivery ,excellent cabinet visibility and dust control. Don't be fooled by the economical pricing. The Power Blasters are constructed from heavy gauge metal, which is continuously welded. They utilizes the reliable blast and peen blast gun for consistent blasting. The Blaster can be ordered with the 100 CFM Cartridge filter system or a upgrade to the 300 CFM reclamation system. The DC10 filter Cabinet can be added to the PB-4024-400 DC model for those that blast in dust sensitive work areas. The advantage of the reclamation system is the ability to pull the dust from the abrasive as well as in keeping the cabinet clear while blasting. Our Engine Rebuilder customers utilize the Power Blaster for removal of rust , carbon, paint and scale on cylinder heads , valves , flywheels and engine component blasting arguably one of the most demanding abrasive blasting applications.
Abrasive Blast Cabinets

American Manufactured Since 1971
  Suction Blast Cabinet PB4024 100 
CFM Dust Collector Cartridge Style


◾ Dust Collector: 100 CFM cartridge type collector for better dust control providing cleaner working chamber.
◾Light Box: Two (2) tube 24: fluorescent light, for best possible lighting in blast chamber, On-Off control switch for light and cartridge dust collector.
◾Viewing Window: Large 12"X20" tempered glass provides long life and minimizes static build up of dust.
◾Door Latch: Heavy-duty cam type, adjustable for positive door seal.
◾Glove Arm Hole: Heavy duty cloth lined vinyl snap-in gloves are quick changing.
◾Air Flow Regulator and Gauge: Allows adjustable air pressure to gun for proper media flow to provide finish desired.
◾Clean out door: Easy access to filter screen, trapping heavy particles form abrasives. Allows recovery of small parts that may fall from blast chamber.
◾Safety Foot Control: Prevents accidental blast operation.
◾Doors: Large double walled doors (both sides). Knife sealing edge assures positive seal in blast chamber.
◾Shaker Handle: Handle for shaking dust from cartridge.
◾Cartridge: 8 1/2" x 9 1/2" cartridge with 175 2" pleats.
◾Dust Sump: Allows dust to flow directly into waste container.
◾Media Hose: 1/2" media hose, from media valve to bottom fitting on blast gun.
◾Media Valve: Universal Feed allowing all types of abrasives to be used. 2" plug outlet for easy clean-out.
◾Motor: 120 volt, 15 amp switch control.
◾Compressed Air Inlet: 1/2" coupler for easy installation of optional moisture trap.

Media Blast Gun:
Lightweight aluminum pistol grip for long life. Interchangeable air jets and nozzles for various air supplies and media flow.
1/8" air jet supplied as standard. 5/32" - 3/16" air jets with sized nozzles supplied upon request.

Suction Gun Air Requirements 
Gun    Nozzle         Jet           Air @ 40 PSI    60 PSI    80 PSI 
# 4  1/4" Nozzle - 1/8" Air Jet      12 CFM 17 CFM 21 CFM 
# 5  5/16" Nozzle - 5/32" Air Jet  19 CFM 27 CFM 34 CFM 
# 6  3/8" Nozzle - 3/16" Air Jet    27 CFM 37 CFM 47 CFM 
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4024 Power Blaster Suction Blast Cabinet

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